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Species listing


@icey wicey 1517
Because it's always been a body-type tag, that's why it's not tagged on anthros. It's just super not obvious because the name is misleading and it's been that way for years. Naturally people mistag that all the time.

In the end I hope to phase it out in favor of feral, to make the meaning more obvious.

Because it's really nice to be able to tag and filter these specifically. A lot of people only like 4-legged body type or the opposite. That's why the pony tag existed in the first place, to fill in that gap.

I'm actually going to move pony back to species as the category change is just causing confusion right now. We can have a proper cleanup later and whatever we do with that should get its own thread because I'm going to need a lot of hands for it.

Do note that pony is still used under the old definition, which is for the 4-legged show style ponies. Nothing was actually changing in the definition today, it was just to reinforce the definition that was already in place.
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