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Why does zebroid (zebra x any pony race) exist separately from zony (zebra x pony) and why in the endless sky does “zony” imply “pony” when “pony” isn’t a species qualifier - it’s bodyshape one, and one that doesn’t even apply to zebras with repeated rulings to that point, at that?

Technically zebroid applies to any equine species crossbreed and zony is just a pony crossbreed (they’re both real words). That being said there’s probably not much point in keeping both, but I think that should get a dedicated thread.
As for the implication. It was a blurry week since I handled a ton of tags during that time, apparently I wasn’t paying that close of attention and I agree that it should have never been implied. I’ll remove that now.

Busy with family time. Don’t worry I do keep up with this!
@Rainbow Eevee  
@Frustration in Excelsis  
All done as described.
Done. But I implied to hybrid instead of original species as @Damaged mentioned. I know it’s kinda hard to split hairs here but it seems more appropriate to the intention.
Seems less a species and more of themed?
Ponified definitely applies  
Object pony seems to be more for a pony made of an element rather than themed, so I’m not sure if that’s really appropriate.  
Original species for the reason mentioned above.
I’m not against it, just wanted to get thoughts on it first before I put it through.
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