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Species listing


Because I haven’t decided on what I want to do with those tags yet. I’m actually hoping to add a gender category at some point and maybe make them gender tags instead? I think that might make the most sense. Just not something I’ve fleshed out quite yet, and I still have to get around to testing out the colors so it looks good with all the themes. Either way I know to come back to this thread so these don’t get missed in the process.
Also Sheep is male or female, ram is just a male sheep. I went ahead and implied ram to male, sheep.
Also I mentioned it before but cow is kind of murky as a tag, because (for example) a bull is both a cow and not a cow. That is it’s both a gendered and a non-gendered word. As far as I know this is the only species that has such a weird name split.
Is…is that just a bat or some other kind of hybrid I’m not seeing? I’ll imply it to bat too at least.
Done and done.
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Thanks, buddy :D
Time to shot-gun blast this thread all at once, then >:D  
(I put implications in brackets)  
Ketchup Pony (Food pony, goo pony, original species)  
Spray Foam Pony (Spray foam, goo pony, original species)  
Medusa Head (Castlevania, medusa, snake)  
Coffee Maker Pony (Coffee maker, object pony, original species)  
Watch Pony (Object pony, watch)  
Applesauce Pony (Applesauce, goo pony, food pony)  
Slime Girl (Monster girl, goo)  
Monster Girl  
Ant Pony (original species, insect, ant)  
Pearlfish Pony (pearlfish, original species, merpony)  
Battery Charger Pony (object pony, original species, battery charger)  
Battery Pony (battery, object pony, original species)  
Tentacle Pony (original species, tentacles)  
Keychain Pony (keychain, original species, object pony)  
Condiment Pony (original species, object pony, food pony, condiment)  
Skunk Cabbage Pony (plant pony, original species, plant)  
Bathrobe Pony (object pony, original species, clothes pony, clothes, bathrobe)  
Alcohol Pony (object pony, original species, drink pony)  
Beer Pony (object pony, original species, drink pony) (Maybe alias this to alcohol pony?)  
Zora Pony (merpony, zora, the legend of zelda, ponified)  
Displacer Beast (dungeons and dragons, pen and paper rpg)  
Ittan-Momen (youkai)  
Goo Sphinx (Goo pony, sphinx, goo, original species)  
Pogeyan (Feline, cryptid)  
Train Pony (Object pony, original species, train)
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