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Species listing


@Pone 2.0  
I’d prefer to avoid doing tags for gendered species. Might consider it later if we end up adding a gender category or something.
Because stuff related to the franchise is still applicable to the tag (like trainers, pokeballs, etc.).
But since we’re not a furry booru there isn’t really much point in trying to keep it split. I mean I’m not against it but I just don’t think it’s worth the effort personally.

But I already did that one :(
Cows are the name for females, but are also used for the species as a whole colloquially. Technically they’re both cattle. It’s one of the few species that have a weird gendered-not-gendered name system and it’s kind of a mess from a tag perspective. Before I made it a brown name under the premise of “I don’t want to mess with this right now while doing this in bulk so I’ll just do both and figure it out later”. I figured it would pop again soon, and I’m glad it did.
Anyways, as far as options go I know e621 aliases everything to cattle, but I don’t think that really makes sense for us. Since cows are generally what people call them, maybe just imply to cow and remove the species category on bull? That’s kind of what I’m thinking now unless anybody has any better ideas.
Edit: Oh yeah, I implied that to pokemon and browned it.
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