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@Princess Trixie vi Equestria  
Speaking of, should Kirins be tagged as mare/stallion or just female/male?
This very idea came to me just now, so I googled: according to Wikipedia, a female Kirin is called a lin (although it’s also a neutral one) and a male a qi.
Just like with the Changelings, feels exclusive the Kirins are simply called female/male while there’s doe for female deer and buck for male deer (and coincidentally male bunnies). Could be I remember the deer part wrong but the point gets across and I can’t be arsed to re-check.
With in mind the Chinese words are hard to remember, I think kirin female+kirin male with the lin+qi aliases would be easy enough and convey the intent.
Background Pony #3C3A
I’d like to suggest plush pony get renamed to “plush pony (species)” - it looks like it’s getting more accidental use than real use, very easy to mix up with pony plushie (which is the tag for normal inanimate not-an-original-species plushies in the shape of ponies)
Background Pony #3C3A
I’m not sure what, if any, implications there ought to be. A few of them are also tagged fire pony, a few tagged goo pony, a few tagged elemental.
I would have said it ought to imply original species, but fire pony does not imply it so I don’t know what to think anymore.

By the way, elemental’s short description reads: “ponification of elements, such as fire, water, earth, lightning, etc”
But, elemental pony is also categorized as a species (no description, though) - so is “elemental” not actually for only poniform elementals? Should “elemental pony” imply “elemental”? Or should they get aliased?
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@Background Pony #3C3A
I added implication of elemental, elemental pony, fire pony, and original species tags to lava pony.
I added implications of elemental, elemental pony, original species to fire pony.
I added the implication of elemental to elemental pony and added a short description.
I added original species to lava pony because by definition there is no lava pony in show so it’s an original species. I also added fire pony because lava has fire associated with it.
I added elemental, elemental pony, and original species to fire pony because it’s also doesn’t exist in show and it’s elemental.
I added the implication of elemental to elemental pony because elemental pony in my mind would be a subset of elemental which is a more broad term, not just living breathing ponies that are born of the natural elements.
The short description I added in elemental pony tag is: pony species related to the elements, such as fire, water, earth, lightning, etc
Hope this makes things less confusing. :D
Background Pony #3C3A
Sorry, only just now noticed you replied.
Yes, when I had suggested “renaming” tags, I meant for new tags “plush pony (species)” and “toy pony (species)” to be created, with “plush pony” and “toy pony” aliased to them. That way, if someone’s looking at the autocomplete options, they are immediately aware of their meaning via the name of the tag - descriptions and implied tags do not accomplish that, because they are not shown to you while adding tags.
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