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Species listing

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Lincoln Brewster time
A special type of cloud pony born from parents who gave birth within a magical cloud enervation. Born with beautiful silver gradient, translucent wings and cloud manes and tails, they have the ability to create instruments from clouds. Also serve as a secondary nightly defense to Princess Luna, as the defenders of the stars and clouds. Founded by Crescendo Rush, the firstborn Spiro.
It doesn’t necessarily have to, but should probably imply cloud pony (even though their species is isolated from normal cloud ponies).
Background Pony #3C3A
ambiguous race should be a “species” tag, like ambiguous species is. After all, “race” and “species” are distinct according to the descriptions of race swap and species swap, and race tags such as pegasus or unicorn are categorized as “species tags”.
If I’m not mistaken, several of the images currently tagged with “ambiguous species” really ought to be tagged with “ambiguous race” instead.
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