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Species listing

Background Pony #C80C
I have no idea if “cow plant” is 1 or 2 words, but can this be implied + added to species list:  
cowplant pony -> plant pony  
cowplant pony -> monster pony  
cowplant pony -> plant  
cowplant pony -> augmented tail  
cowplant pony -> original species
The implications are the same as piranha plant pony  
These are basically plant ponies but with the Cow plant from Sims (https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Laganaphyllis_simnovorii) rather than the mario piranha plant as tails.
Edit: Changed to 1 word. Please also alias  
cow plant pony -> cowplant pony
Frustration in Excelsis
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I have no idea if “cow plant” is 1 or 2 words
Most sources I can find spell it as just one word.
On the subject! We seem to have a cowplant tag as well, with five hits, although only one image has the actual thing as something besides a cowplant pony’s tail. What should we do with it? Cut the tag, or add it to the implications for cowplant pony and mass-add it to the relevant images?

Definitely. I’m actually surprised breezie (g3) isn’t a thing already. I’d make a new thread about it though because it’s gonna get lost in this one since it involves more than just a tag type change.
I’m not clever enough right now to think of one better than that so sure why not. Added the relevant stuff you mentioned. :>
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@Hopen Way  
I just went ahead and aliased it to mantis and called it good. The implications were in place and it was the bigger tag anyways.
I don’t know what those other posts are but I definitely wouldn’t have called it that. :x
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I’m gonna be blunt here. The point of implications is to save time for something that gets tagged together often. That’s a lot of extra work to do for a bunch of one off tags that might get posted again, but probably won’t.
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