Some dress implications

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Added the first two implications. With the last one though, at least by the way they're tagged, the little black dresses on the site aren't always short. I'm not sure though if little black dresses aren't short by definition, or if it's just inconsistent tagging.
Artist -

Thank you.

Originally had a last line: "this would need some cleanup though. (examples not exhaustive)"

Wiktionary says a LBD is only "often" quite short and can also refer to any black dress that's "simple, versatile, and elegant." That leaves room for non-short LBDs.

But as far as tags are concerned, I feel that browsing for a little black dress that's not also a short dress amounts to browsing for just black dress. So I'm for the short dress implication and cleaning up the inconsistent pictures.

Never actually checked little black dress before I had my own entry though. So grain of salt.
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