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So I noticed izzyzipp (I still prefer izzipp, feel like we're letting our portmanteau game down) got implications but not a description, so I went on a hunt for other ships in the same boat… and here they are. I hope this isn't too much work; if there's a more helpful way I could present these, let me know and I will, but otherwise:

adaria Adagio Dazzle X Aria Blaze shipping
applecora Applejack X Zecora shipping
appledashshy Applejack X Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy shipping
applefire Applejack X Spitfire shipping
applehugger Applejack X Treehugger shipping
appleshill Applejack X Silver Shill shipping
appleshimmer Applejack X Sunset Shimmer shipping
appletavia Applejack X Octavia Melody shipping
arisona Aria Blaze X Sonata Dusk shipping
big scoops Big Macintosh X Sweetcream Scoops shipping
blazedash Rainbow Blaze X Rainbow Dash shipping
blazefoot Blaze X Fleetfoot shipping
blossomshy Blossomforth X Fluttershy shipping
braecora Braeburn X Zecora shipping
braeshy Braeburn X Fluttershy shipping
cheeribloom Cheerilee X Apple Bloom shipping
cheesixie Cheese Sandwich X Trixie shipping
cherryburn Cherry Jubilee X Braeburn shipping
cherrypie Cherry Jubilee X Pinkie Pie shipping
chrysashy Queen Chrysalis X Fluttershy shipping
chryslestia Queen Chrysalis X Princess Celestia shipping
cloudforth Cloud Kicker X Blossomforth shipping
cocogallop Coco Pommel X Svengallop shipping
cocojack Coco Pommel X Applejack shipping
cocosentry Coco Pommel X Flash Sentry shipping
cocosparkle Coco Pommel X Twilight Sparkle shipping
cocospike Coco Pommel X Spike shipping
cocostreak Coco Pommel X Lightning Streak shipping
coralbloom oc:Coral Leaf X Apple Bloom shipping
crusoestars Coco Crusoe X Rainbow Stars shipping
dan pie Dan X Pinkie Pie shipping
daringcora Daring Do X Zecora shipping
daringshy Daring Do X Fluttershy shipping
dashtavia Rainbow Dash X Octavia Melody shipping
dazzlestia Adagio Dazzle X Princess Celestia shipping
derpymac Derpy Hooves X Big Macintosh shipping
derpyshy Derpy Hooves X Fluttershy shipping
discomagnet Discord X Steven Magnet shipping
discordagio Discord X Adagio Dazzle shipping
doubleblaze Double Diamond X Aria Blaze shipping
doubledash Double Diamond X Rainbow Dash shipping
doublemac Double Diamond X Big Macintosh shipping
emberheart Princess Ember X Princess Flurry Heart shipping
emberlight Princess Ember X Twilight Sparkle shipping
firelane Spitfire X Thunderlane shipping
flampie Flam X Pinkie Pie shipping
fleetmac Fleetfoot X Big Macintosh shipping
flimpie Flim X Pinkie Pie shipping
flitderp Flitter X Derpy Hooves shipping
flurrax Princess Flurry Heart X Thorax shipping
flutterbloom Fluttershy X Apple Bloom shipping
flutterdashpie Fluttershy X Rainbow Dash X Pinkie Pie shipping
goldenmovies oc:Golden Star Z oc:Pizza Movies shipping
hopebra Radiant Hope X King Sombra shipping
izzyzipp Izzy Moonbow X Zipp Storm shipping
junihoof oc:Juniper X oc:Darkknighthoof shipping
kevinheart Kevin (Changeling) X Princess Flurry Heart shipping
lemonata Lemon Zest X Sonata Dusk shipping
lemonscratch Lemon Zest X Vinyl Scratch shipping
lemonspike Lemon Hearts X Spike shipping
lemonzentry Lemon Zest X Flash Sentry shipping
lightningshimmer Lightning Dust X Sunset Shimmer shipping
little trucks oc:Little Tweenframes X oc:Rux shipping
lunagio Princess Luna X Adagio Dazzle shipping
lunatavia Princess Luna X Octavia Melody shipping
luxie Princess Luna X Trixie shipping
macinfire Big Macintosh X Spitfire shipping
macora Big Macintosh X Zecora shipping
mactavia Big Macintosh X Octavia shipping
makolee oc:Mako X oc:Bubble Lee shipping
maudbloom Maud Pie X Apple Bloom shipping
midnightdawn oc:Midnight Cakepowder X oc:Black Dawn shipping
midnightdaydream Midnight Sparkle X Daydream Shimmer shipping
moon breeze Moondancer X Zephyr Breeze shipping
nightglimmer Night Glider X Starlight Glimmer shipping
nightmarejack Nightmare Moon X Applejack shipping
nightmarepie Nightmare Moon X Pinkie Pie shipping
nightynight oc:Nighty Cloud X oc:Midnight Story shipping
noxydrip oc:Noxy X oc:Windy Dripper shipping
oofymage oc:Oofy Colorful X oc:Vistamage shipping
partybelle Party Favor X Sugar Belle shipping
partyglimmer Party Favor X Starlight Glimmer shipping
pipbloom Pipsqueak X Apple Bloom shipping
pokeydash Pokey Pierce X Rainbow Dash shipping
rainbow dazz Rainbow Dash X Adagio Dazzle shipping
rainbowdust Rainbow Dash X Lightning Dust shipping
rarifind Rarity X oc:Barrfind shipping
rarijackdash Rarity X Applejack X Rainbow Dash shipping
raripuss Rarity X Sourpuss shipping
rariscratch Rarity X Vinyl Scratch shipping
rumbilee Rumble X Cheerilee shipping
rumblelane Rumble X Thunderlane shipping
rumbletaps Rumble X Tender Taps shipping
scootadust Scootaloo X Lightning Dust shipping
scootaluna Scootaloo X Princess Luna shipping
scootashy Scootaloo X Fluttershy shipping
scootember Scootaloo X Princess Ember shipping
shiningdash Shining Armor X Rainbow Dash shipping
shininglane Shining Armor X Thunderlane shipping
shininglestia Shining Armor X Princess Celestia shipping
snailseed Snails X Babs Seed shipping
soarburst Soarin' X Sunburst shipping
soarin' armor Soarin' X Shining Armor shipping
soarinbreeze Soarin' X Zephyr Breeze shipping
soarindashfire Soarin' X Rainbow Dash X Spitfire shipping
soarinshy Soarin' X Fluttershy shipping
soartavia Soarin' X Octavia Melody shipping
somburst King Sombra X Sunburst shipping
sourdancer Sour Sweet X Moondancer shipping
sparkleblaze Twilight Sparkle X Aria Blaze shipping
spiderluna Spider-Man X Princess Luna shipping
spikebra Spike X King Sombra shipping
spikeceps Spike X Bulk Biceps shipping
spoiledjack Spoiled Rich X Applejack shipping
spyra Spike X Lyra Heartstrings shipping
stardome Starlight Glimmer X oc:Marquis Majordome shipping
sweetiejack Sweetie Belle X Applejack shipping
trixora Trixie X Zecora shipping
trixtavia Trixie X Octavia Melody shipping
twilist Twilight Sparkle X checklist shipping
twilock Twilight Sparkle X Shadow Lock shipping
twimestone Twilight Sparkle X Limestone Pie shipping
twispember Twilight Sparkle X Spike X Princess Ember shipping
twistbloom Twist X Apple Bloom shipping
twitavia Twilight Sparkle X Octavia Melody shipping
upperset Upper Crust X Jet Set shipping
vinyldash Vinyl Scratch X Rainbow Dash shipping
vinylpie Vinyl Scratch X Pinkie Pie shipping
violetdagio Violet Blurr X Adagio Dazzle shipping
windash Wind Rider X Rainbow Dash shipping
windust Wind Rider X Lightning Dust shipping
zecoragio Zecora X Adagio Dazzle shipping

These four need extra attention in addition to the description.
maupplejack Maud Pie X Applejack shipping (also needs aliasing one way or the other with maudjack, which has more usage although this has implications set)
rumblewhill Rumble X Zippoorwhill shipping (this also needs to imply zippoorwhill instead of zippoorwill)
scherzoshy Scherzo Lesto X Fluttershy shipping (→ half r63 shipping)
snapplemena Twilight Snapple X Pinkamena Diane Pie shipping (→ twinkie)

I noticed some of these were also missing gender tag implications. I'll probably make another comment of "shipping tags that need to imply gender or orientation tags" soon, unless someone tells me not to.
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Thank you so much for listing these out! You guessed right that going through these was kinda tedious, but you did everything you could to make the process easy. I think I added descriptions to all of them, and I added genders when I noticed them missing.
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