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Shipping tags general

Background Pony #78AE
derpytosh → derpy hooves, big macintosh, shipping (straight, male, female)?
derpyscript → derpy hooves, written script, shipping (straight, male, female)?
derpybelle → derpy hooves, sugar belle, shipping (lesbian, female)?
derpnataderpydusk? Since "derpydusk" could, I suppose, be used for Derpy x Dusk Shine (r63 Twi)
derpydusk / derpnata → derpy hooves, sonata dusk, shipping (lesbian, female)?
derpyscratchtavia missing shipping implication or is that not used for polyamory?
Artist -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Friendship is Magic
Also, shouldn't Rarilane have the short description and implications updated? The short description should be "Thunderlane x Rarity shipping" and the female and male implications should be added.
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