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Grapepipp done.
As for the tag name changes, to quote myself:
If the current name isn’t detrimental (say, it’s unintuitive or confusing), I don’t like changing tags for no other reason than that I personally prefer something else.
That said, depending on what may result from that thread, maybe the tag names will be changed. There’s current discussion among staff on several changes that may or may not be made to shipping tags.
Basically, what @Background Pony #78AE said.
Background Pony #78AE
It was pointed out in the wrong thread that:
carrotmac’s short description says “Carrot Top X Golden Harvest shipping” but ought to say “Carrot Top X Big Macintosh shipping”
extra ironic that Carrot Top and Golden Harvest are the same character
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No, *you're* a cute pony
*Makes note to use “Carrot Top X Golden Harvest shipping” description for a Carrot Top selfcest tag*
Couldn’t find any of that, but now you’ve got me wondering about other selfcest of ponies with two names. Dr Whooves x Time Turner, Vinyl Scratch x DJ Pon-3, Berry Punch x Berryshine and Bon Bon x Sweetie Drops all exist, but none of them have ship names yet. Don’t know whether to double up one name (à la dashdash etc.) or portmanteau the two names as if they were different ponies.
Okay, I’ve added a name for one that works either way and one that was too good to pass up.

Berry Punch X Berryshine shipping
self paradox

Bon Bon X Sweetie Drops shipping
self paradox
Semi-related, assuming half-r63 selfcests are still subject to “r63 ship implies the base ship,” we should add:
dashblitz -> dashdash
bubblepie -> piepie
rarilusive -> rararararara
The annoying part would be actually adding the base ship to existing images without the spurious implied lesbian.
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