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Background Pony #8E21
(Just like s01e12 <-> spoiler:s01e12)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I have been writing these down for a while and I guess I have been doing so for a little too long, some of these might have already been done by now. But anyway, I hope this helps.

See, which links to, whose currently pinned tweet lists many of their accounts:

Antnoob is their dA handle, see

See Besides Kiri_lewd obsviously being a tag for their NSFW material, each one is tied to a different user account here, tho there isn’t any notes about the two tags needing to be separate, so I’m just bringing this to your attention in case you weren’t aware.


First tag is their Twitter handle, second one is their dA handle. They seem to prefer going by Consigspartan nowadays, but Pwnagespartan is associated with a user account here.

Falloutmuse2 is their tumblr handle.

Both tags are associated to the same user account here, which is CΔDΛVER. So maybe the alias order should be reversed, it’s up to you.

Dunno why these tags are tied to different accounts here despite being the same person and having no thematic difference.


I confess I haven’t been able to directly link the two, but it’s clearly the same artist. Kelkessel is the newer name, but Dukevonkessel has a user tied to it, so it’s up to the mods which tag gets aliased.

Ms-mikail was their old, now-abandoned Tumblr handle. See the links in their profile here:

Notice how and (Seleniium is a tag alredy aliased to Celeriven) both redirect to the same account

The first tag is their handle on Commishes see the sources here: Rhe second tag is tied to the actual artist already.

Kuroikamone is their Tumblr handle, guiltyseasull is their FA one. See the sources of


These tags are their old and current handles on dA, respectively. See how this link redirects:


Different handles by the same artist, see

Obvious. First tag has more posts, but I think the second tag is better.

The second tag is already linked to a user.

First tag is their current public handle on twitter, Patreon and maybe elsewhere, second tag is their now-protected twitter handle, but it’s already tied to a user here.

Noodlezss is their abandoned Tumblr handle, Zzoodle_ is their previous Twitter handle, OodleZz is what they changed their Twitter handle to.

Artist chnged names, see how redirects.

Their old and current Tumblr handles, respectively. See e.g. the signature in this pic:

The same person’s FA and dA handles, respectively. They’re both already associated with the same user anyway.

Different handles of the same artist in different sites. They’re both already associated with the same user anyway.

Artist changed names. Notice how this redirects:

First tag is their dA handle. Second tag is their Twitter handle and it’s aliased to a user here already.

First tag is their Instagram handle, second tag is their more common nickname. See

Artist changed names a while ago, both tags are already associated with the same user.

The tags are the artist’s NSFW and SFW Twitter handles, respectively.


Second tag is their MLP-specific nickname, and it has a user associated with it already. See the bio at

The same person uploaded all the pics of both tags. I presume it’s the artist themself, who used to credit themself as the first tag them switched to the second tag, which is their dA handle. by the way, all sources point to said dA.

Clearly the same person.

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