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Background Pony #F40D
artist:nekoalex1991 is already aliased to artist:a.s.e and the associated link,, shows the dA account rename to “nekoalex91”

Twitter cherub_nympho links back to Twitter cherubisous, dA angelic-doodles and dA nek0-butt both name changed to dA “Cherubisous”, Twitter “angelic_lewds” was already associated to artist:nek0-butt and you can see by following the source link of eg. >>2413791 (explicit) that Twitter account was renamed “cherub_nympho”
It’s all Derpi user Angelic_Doodles
Background Pony #F40D
chickenbrony credits in the description here “Cloud Up (JoeOniKu)” and made the tag artist:cloud_up. Twitter JoeOniKu is protected but links in its description to Twitter cloudupart. There’s also a VK club titled “Cloud Up ART (JoeOniKu)”. When they sign their art, sometimes it’s “@cloudupart” and sometimes it’s stylized “CloudxUp”
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