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Background Pony #F40D
artist:iskra should be un-aliased from artist:neon-chan
The artist whose pony pictures we have tagged as artist:neon-chan sometimes uses “iskra” as part of their usernames, but does not have it verbatim in account names or URLs.
The artist uses artist:neon-chan on FA, artist:iskris_san on Twitter, and iskris-chan on commishes (where I haven’t seen any pony content yet). They name some of the accounts and sign some of their art as “Iskra | Neon”. Any one of these should get all the rest aliased to it - but not artist:iskra

“iskra” (verbatim) is instead the artist also tagged as artist:zengel, which is their account on dA and which links to their iskra account on FA and on Patreon. (Their iskra FA also links to an “art_iskra” Twitter and a zengel Ko-fi)
Due to being well-known, more prolific than neon-chan/“iskra | neon”, and being in posession of verbatim “iskra” accounts, I think, as I stated above, that artist:iskra should be un-aliased from artist:neon-chan, and then moreover, artist:zengel should be aliased to artist:iskra.
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