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That's only done through artist verification. They need an account on-site, then they need to verify their tag by clicking "User Links" on their profile and following the instructions there.
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@Background Pony #8523 — Working:
• artist:アンノウン → artist:k_clematis — Done.
• artist:moonraige → artist:peachesandcreamated — Done.
• artist:rainbowgeddon → artist:leechetious — Done.
• artist:青銅竜 → artist:seidouryu — Done.
• artist:kagemusha → artist:daigaijin — Done.
• artist:mushindivinity → artist:didun850 — Done.
• artist:harydraws → artist:hary96 — Done.
• artist:sugarbiites → artist:pomrawr — Done.
• artist:softsugar → artist:pomrawr — Done. Good catch :)

• artist:purpleponyafterdark → artist:mystic blare afterdark — Done
I went: artist:purpleponyafterdark → artist:mystic blare afterdark → artist:mystic blare

• artist:ninitakamari → artist:ninitheweenie — Done.

! artist:pony-puke → artist:23obesityNOT DONE — This one is non-trivial. I've asked the artist what they would like done.

• artist:skyart301 → artist:skyline19 — I went artist:skyline19 → artist:skyart301 to match their current profile, and their About Me.

• artist:nomipolitan → artist:toodaioo — I think these are different artists, or if not then they are entirely different presentations. One is purely SFW and the other is not. So, even if it is the same artist, I think keeping them on separate tags is best.

• artist:ask-lightningbeat → artist:modocrisma — Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Done.

@Background Pony #8523 — Done. PS: If you give me links to their DA and FA in the request I'll add that info to their User Links or the Long Description.

@Blissful690 — Done.
• Next time, please use the artist:ponies in reverseartist:reverse studios format.

• artist:spartan8ter → artist:alec — Done. I'm not gonna lie though, that was freaking obscure.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Done. I think that was the first ever HF link I added here.

@Dragonpone — Done.

@JoeyDR — What @Brokedownandmadeone said is true. Also, we don't link to search results on [some other sites] as artist galleries. If you know the artist and would ask them to create a profile if necessary, and submit a User Link request here though I will be very happy to help them get set up :) Also if you have a link to the artist's DeviantArt/FurAffinity/Twitter/Tumblr/Patreon, or some similar site, please let me know and I'll add it to the description on the artist's tag.

@Background Pony #9DAA — Done.

@Dragonpone — Done.

@icey wicey 1517 — Done.

@icey wicey 1517 — Done.

@Melisareb — Done.

@Dragonpone — Thank you.

@radpanic — Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Done.

@TexasUberAlles — Done.

@Background Pony #FDAD — Done.

@Dragonpone — Done.

@Brokedownandmadeone — Done.

@icey wicey 1517
• artist:discourt → artist:darktailsko — Done.
• artist:darkness void → artist:darktailsko — Done (legacy issues from old site)

@Dragonpone — Done.
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