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artist:metalfoxxx, artist:themetalpony, artist:tacticalfurartist:thedrunkcoyote

Metalfoxxx is his DA account that he hasn't posted to since 2018. In fact, his last journal post is him saying he's abandoning that account to make a new DA page… which hasn't happened yet.

Themetalpony is his tumblr which has also been abandoned since 2018.

Tacticalfur is his FA page, which is still active. His user profile links to Metalfoxxx on DA and Themetalpony on tumblr.

Thedrunkcoyote is his twitter, which is also still active, and has a link to TacticalFur on FA.

Since he's still active on both "Tacticalfur" and "Thedrunkcoyote", either could work as the main tag, with the other being an alias. But I lean towards using "Thedrunkcoyote" as the main tag because that's the account he started most recently, and he seems to be uploading his art slightly earlier on his twitter than on his FA.
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artist:tamikimaru <=> artist:marumytami <=> artist:yourfavoritelemonade

on their fa 2nd line on their profile says "I am, Tamikimaru, YourFavoriteLemonade and MaruMyTami."

i talked directly with the artist and they wanted their tagging here to be artist:marumytami and to alias the other 2 but didn't know how. they also wanted the related links be to their Da and Fa.

Da has most of their pony work is on it, but all their furry (including pony) work is uploaded to Fa.
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Derpy Whooves
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@Opossum Imoto
This is kind of complex — there seem to have been some mistakes made with your links and tags in the past — I'm going to try to fix everything and will send you a PM when it's done so you can review it, and we can work with your tags and links until they're all set and right and the way you want them.
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