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nerd pony

Judging by the tag changes by user barbeque 7 years ago, this tag was intended as a name for the image format of a "nerdified" character wearing glasses and hugging a book as in:

In that case the name is insufficient and should be changed, because the usage has slipped into a generic scope of ponies being dorky/nerdy, ponies who generally fall into the nerd archetype regardless of activity in the image, or nerdified characters (like Vinyl Scratch).

I'm personally against tagging characters by archetypes, dynamics or roles such as nerd, team mom, tomboy etc. unless it's visible in the picture ("doing nerd/team mom/tomboy things"), because I assume when a person looks for, say, "tomboy" pictures, they don't give a shit about generic headshots or full body references of characters where no tomboyishness is happening. This is only a short step away from tagging pictures by personality traits or preferences of depicted characters like "lesbian" or "kind", so it should be similarly explicitly discouraged by the tagging guidelines. Tagging pictures for meta content instead of depicted content is unhelpful and actively harmful.

Having said that, I'm not entirely sure that the image format the tag was made for is established enough to warrant its own tag. Some of the images in the originally intended scope, as well as the current de facto scope, could be moved to nerdification, and the rest to nerd, and the tag "nerd pony" either nuked or merged into "nerd".
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