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@Princess Luna
I.e. the more it resembles a pair of human breasts in shape, arrangement, and proportion, the more likely it is to be treated like human breasts?
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Princess Luna
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It's a bit more specific than that; in general if you can't identify it as boobs, it's not going to be treated anywhere close to them.
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Background Pony #4230
on tonight's episode of, "what am I doing with my life"…

Could I get a second opinion whether this set of YCH results are currently correctly tagged "explicit", or whether they'd just be "questionable"? It's not clear1 to me whether the underwear is sufficiently see-through, or just a cameltoe.

1 Pun realized after the fact
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Background Pony #4230
Not sure how I feel about tagging this one for the low-detail drawing on the sheet of paper.
questionable, breasts, nipples, human, armpits, arm behind head
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