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The ratings guidelines have been updated. In terms of actual enforcement changes, there's one big thing and a few minor things to expect:
- Fetish content dealt with in a more gradated manner (mainly this means stuff like tamer but clearly fetishized things will be Suggestive, as opposed to previously jumping certain things to Questionable while others stayed at Safe).
- "Suggestive eating" and the like should only be Suggestive, not Questionable.
- Things like anal beads (sex toys that aren't very visually striking) should only be Suggestive, not Questionable.
- Insertions that aren't sexual in nature won't trigger Questionable.
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@Princess Luna

So, I mostly upload inflation fetish and fat fetish content, and I'm not completely clear on how the updated guidelines would apply. Let me see if I have this straight:

- Inflation or fat pictures that aren't too far removed from what's already appeared in the show (character isn't too huge, it's presented as a joke rather than sensually) would be safe.

- Inflation or fat pictures that are presented sensually, but where the character isn't "disproportionately large", would be suggestive.

- Pictures of disproportionately fat or inflated characters would be questionable automatically.

Is that right?
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