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Looks Explicit (or at the _very least_ Questionable) to me.

That's for the stomach walls squeezing on the consumed party, not just any internal view. The idea is that something like "this": from Digimon, or "this": from Wander Over Yonder should be Safe-rated instead because there isn't some kind of highly-sexual "stomach massage" going on, just normal cartoon shenanigans. Questionable is also used for certain similar things like tongues doing something pretty risque (>>1998530).
Suggestive meanwhile is for if there's a little something to sexualize things, like drool getting all over the prey during consumption (>>2610051), pushing against the full belly (>>2619784), or "hey look at my fatter butt" and gurgles and such (>>2598893). Suggestive also should be covering some internal view stuff where the stomach walls are dripping with fluids around the prey, but not really squeezing them (so >>2624527 should probably be Suggestive), but this is all part of a relatively recent ratings guidelines change, so it'll take some time to get everything correct; I will note, however, that about 80% of vore uploads are following the new guidelines correctly.
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