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"pony island (game by daniel mullins)" add description

Blackie Wiremane
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Hi. Please add the following description to the tag pony island (game by daniel mullins)
«Pony Island is a video game developed and published by Canadian indie developer Daniel Mullins. As a metafictional game, the game has the player interact with what appears to be an old arcade cabinet game called "Pony Island". The player soon discovers the game is corrupted by Lucifer himself, who is trying to claim the player's soul for itself. The player is aided by the soul of a previous player who helps the player access Pony Island's internal programming to get around the traps left by Lucifer and save not only their soul, but the many tormented souls that are trapped within the game's code.» (Wikipedia)

And probably a link to the game's site ( https://www.pony-island.com/ ), or the Wiki article ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pony_Island )
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Sure, I can do that.

I personally prefer not to use text from wikipedia in tag descriptions as they are both have too much and too little information that's relevant to the site. I went ahead and wrote up a quick description based on what I could find out about the game. How does this sound?

A mostly point and click adventure puzzle game themed like an old arcade game that's corrupted. Features an interesting play style as well as meta and horror elements. See Pony Island (off-site link) for more info.

Blackie Wiremane
Artist -

Kody's dark side
Well, the Wiki's description may be not perfect, though it mentions the developer, and things that actually take place in the game.

I wouldn't call it "mostly point-and-click", it's half that, half a side-scrolling runner (with elements of jumping, shooting, and flying), half an algorithmic puzzle game.

This part

is ok)

Sadly, I can't assign enough computing power to answering you right now (due to an unplanned sleepless night), but I'd say you should keep the first two sentences from Wiki, in the place of your first. And finish with the rest of yours.
Blackie Wiremane
Artist -

Kody's dark side
*reads short description* lol :D A crystallized description. ) If moving from here, I'd call it "Corruption-based action-puzzle meta-game that isn't about ponies", tho it is still fine enough.

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