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OC Tag Description Requests - Read Post 1 Before Requesting


@Calypso The Zebra Hybrid
Sure. I already updated all of them but this one, which I had a couple suggestions in the first sentence so it scans better. How does this look?

Cosmic is a mare of many talents and is rather quiet about them, but is also rather friendly to everyone she meets. She has the ability to use her magic like unicorns can, due to being a part of a secret order of Pegasi simply known as the Grand Order of The Ancient Pegasi.

If you don't want that I can just do the other text too (fixed version, of course).
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fix my spelling,plz
1: oc:hoof cushion

2: hoof cushion's profile

3: 陆马/雌驹 / Earth pony/Female

4: 她是一匹极度滥情的陆马。在经过主人的驯服之后,蹄垫陷入了对主人的极度依恋。蹄垫希望能和主人在一起,永不分离。she is an extremely amorous earth pony.after her master's tameing,cushion fell into the extreme attachment to master.hoof cushion want be her master's pet and never be separate.

could that use chinese.if not.intercept the english part.
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1. oc:brassica
2. Charade
3. Earth Pony, Mare
4. A domineering, bossy and greedy pony. She is most often an apex predator and relishes gobbling up everything (and every pony) she can. She has an innately very powerful sense of smell and gets exceted by the fear scent of prey. She is able to 'smell' an OC's status as being prey, pred or switch. Physical strength varries depending on setting. Typically she's stronger than the average earth pony if the RP doesn't have her 'start' in a position of power.
5. >>2337065
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Aerospace and stuff
1: oc:felix gulfstream
2: FL071 (created in 2013)
3: Pegasus, Male

4: Lives in the outskirts of Canterlot, works for Equestrian Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's weather surveillance flight (horse version of NOAA). Sometimes quite a nostalgist and has a bit of childish habits (still sleeps with his old blanket), occasionally finds himself doing stuff without companions. His favorite season is autumn and followed by winter, and he's kinda annoyed by spring. He has a body weight fairly lower than the stallion average.

5: >>2490748

PS: Is it ok to have "(created in 2013)" at the end of section 2? If not then please just put it at the beginning of section 4. Just in advance before anyone trying be a smart ass and say "oh hey it looks like Tridash", I got that type of comment for about 4 times and it's annoying cuz I've had the color pattern before Tridash was even a thing.
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1. oc: Flint Spark

2. CuteFlame

3. Earth pony, Male

4. Flint is a practical pony that likes outdoor activities and he loves his job as a foal scout master. When the filly scouts' season ends, Flint works a wage job loading heavy crates into warehouses. On the bright side, spending most of the year in this line of work helps him keep his body in good shape.

5. >>1793300


1. oc: Second Wind

2. CuteFlame

3. Pegasus, Male (goes by female pronouns)

4. Second Wind is an ever straight faced doctor who thinks about work 24/7. Because of her feminine looks, it's easier to let ponies assume she's a mare instead of correcting them. After spending most of her life trying to fulfill her life's goal, Second Wind hardly feels attached to others and has a mild disinterest in social relationships. Unless it has to do with work.

5. >>2001603
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1: oc:star party

2: Donidyde

3: Alicorn, female

4: Her personality is a mix of introvert and extrovert. She is a cheerful and timid pony. Her parents are Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie. she loves to build stuff and be creative. She also enjoys fixing others' problems. She dislikes it when her parents get too strict and protective of her. Her most favorite thing out of all things is to shoot and/or watch fireworks.

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