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Sure. I already updated all of them but this one, which I had a couple suggestions in the first sentence so it scans better. How does this look?

Cosmic is a mare of many talents and is rather quiet about them, but is also rather friendly to everyone she meets. She has the ability to use her magic like unicorns can, due to being a part of a secret order of Pegasi simply known as the Grand Order of The Ancient Pegasi.

If you don't want that I can just do the other text too (fixed version, of course).
Artist -

fix my spelling,plz
1: oc:hoof cushion

2: hoof cushion's profile

3: 陆马/雌驹 / Earth pony/Female

4: 她是一匹极度滥情的陆马。在经过主人的驯服之后,蹄垫陷入了对主人的极度依恋。蹄垫希望能和主人在一起,永不分离。she is an extremely amorous earth pony.after her master's tameing,cushion fell into the extreme attachment to master.hoof cushion want be her master's pet and never be separate.

could that use chinese.if not.intercept the english part.
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