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I would like to change my OC tag Vissy again to "Vye", same as my username on here. I would also like the old alias "Vissy" to be removed, if that's possible.
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Hey, sorry for asking this so soon but would it be okay to change the image and bio for my pony OC's Cinnabyte? I'll put in the information below, hope I get this right

1) oc:cinnabyte

2) mechadragon101

3) Description: An enthusiastic and caring pony with a big poofy mane and tail who’s also a total dork. Once she starts talking about her favorite video games, she won’t stop talking. Always wears her gaming headset and bandana everywhere she goes. Secretly loves wearing her purple striped socks. Enjoys all kinds of video games: retro or modern. She could get a bit competitive sometimes but still, getting to play all kinds of video games with everyone and anyone will always be her favorite thing to do. Check out her streams whenever she’s on.

4) Image link:

I hope I did all that right. Everything else is the same, just an update to the bio and image. Let me know if the description is too long and I'll try and change it a bit
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