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Artist -

*nibbles crayon*
  1. oc:blazey sketch
  2. BlazyPazy
  3. Pegasus/Female
  4. Blazey is a playful, slightly shy mare who has a heart of gold. She currently lives in Ponyville where she helps her mother run her bakery when she’s not working her own job in a cafe. She has a huge sweet tooth to anything chocolate, likes hanging with friends and taking nature walks.
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The OC tag description is really just there to describe the character and their relations with other characters, so while I can add the updated description, the TOS might be better suited for the About Me section on your profile, since it blows the scope of what the tag descriptions are there for.
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab
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Fetch Light
  1. oc: greenfeather
  2. Creator: SurprisePi
  3. Species/Gender: Pegasus, Female
  4. Description: Greenfeather is a crazy pony who loves to work on everything electric bikes and motorcycles as a hobby. She is famous for the stunts she performs with her two-wheelers out on the roads of Equestria. Ever since her filly days, she lives by the motive that life is just too short!
  5. Image:
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