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Hey I got a few other OC descriptions I’d like added.
  1. oc:echo shade
  2. Female Unicorn
  3. A main character in fanfic:song of seven. Echo Shade acts as a sort of big sister to her friends. Her talent for light magic is known valley wide, and she often uses it to great effect for performances as an apprentice Lorekeeper. Sometimes she can be a bit too eager, both with her magic and with her insistence on helping others. In many ways, she’s not too different from her best friend Slash Buckler.
    Echo Shade is something of a magical prodigy. Her body is absolutely brimming with untapped magic potential, which is why it’s so puzzling to some why she chooses to invest in her lights and illusion magic for tricks and effects instead of actual spells.
    Echo Shade’s brand is a wand with a playful wisp of magic. It represents both her wish to perform for others, as well as her vast magical potential. The smiles on her audience’s faces are what make Echo Shade happy.
Yes she shares her name with the G4 character.
  1. oc:apple bloom
  2. Female Earth Pony
  3. A main character in fanfic:song of seven. She has a bad tendency to stay indoors or ignore other ponies when she goes out to collect herbs and fruit. She enjoys her peace and quiet, and dealing with other ponies makes her uncomfortable. What she does enjoy is helping ponies with her medicine, and she is well known for her miracle brews and remedies for everyday problems in the valley. Sometimes she’ll make deliveries or take special orders completely for free.
    There is a potion for just about every situation and she’ll always keep her bag of ingredients on hand in case she needs to mix something up on the spot.
    Her brand is a seed sprouting from within a jar. It represents her closed off nature, as well as the joy she feels in tending to others.
  1. oc:slashbuckler
  2. Male Pegasus
  3. A main character in fanfic:song of seven. Slashbuckler has wanted to be a hero since he was very young. He offers his help in the every way he’s able, often being the first to repair damage and wear around the village, sometimes even before people notice the need. He believes in promises and tries his hardest never to break one, unfortunately he tends to promise a lot of things and ends up working late into the night to meet all goals. He tends to get up earlier than most in the village, looking for dangerous monsters. He’s accepted as a blessing, though an annoying one, by his community, and some tease him for his insistence on carrying his shield with him everywhere.
    His mark is a battle worn shield, representing his enduring and protective nature.
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  1. Instagram and Twitter users: Tialtri
  2. Female alicorn
  3. Sinarbulan was born in the same year as Indonesia’s independence but at the age of 5 years. He was locked up by his parents because there was an evil genie who wanted to attack his parents. When he attacked, he accidentally blinded the eye of Sinar Bulan. Blind like oc:snowdrop. Seeing the incident, his mother and father locked him up somewhere. In addition, his mother hid a gold necklace and a gold crown. Mother Sinarbulan is a pony who is trying to save all humanity in Indonesia. Every night his mother is always on the moon. and Sinarbulan who had been locked up for several years was able to get out. His foster is human. The Sinarbulan is old but because of being confined for a long time, he finally becomes young at the age of 10 years. His dream is to be a hero. His job is a deliveryman for fast packages. At night he goes to the moon. When he recovers, he will go to the house left by his mother and father. At the age of 10, his foster parents died. continued to be placed in a pony orphanage. He was very curious about what his foster parents and foster parents were like and he read books left by Sinarbulan’s parents and how to take care of Sinarbulan.
Btw, dont forget to use the alias Indonesia Pony and Pony of Islam

Dashie connoisseur
  1. Pegasus / male
  2. Great space enthusiast and a main astronomer in Equestria. His main objective is to discover and catalog as many celestial bodies as he can in his personal book. Pretty self confident and ambitious, tends to say a lot of jokes to cheer up the company. He is in love with Rainbow Dash.
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Solar Gizmo
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Space is cool
  1. oc:Solar Gizmo
  2. OC Owner: Solar Gizmo
  3. Unicorn/Male
  4. A shy unicorn interested in astronomy. He can either be found inside his personal observatory or outside on the highest hill at night. When he’s not busy observing the stars, hes normally at home with his wife, oc:Lishka and taking care of his filly, or hanging out with his good friend oc:hazel radiate.
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Silly pone
Hello, I would like to have added a description to two of my OC’s ^^
3: Pegasus/Female
4: Eminence Bloom is a pegasus living in Cloudsdale.
She likes nature and she’s pretty active and athletic, but she gets a bit too impulsive sometimes.
She also is a health guru as she likes to focus on keeping her body healthy, and she also does meditation.
Her mouth is a teal colour due to her eating some unknown exotic berries containing a powerful dye.
Her talent is being able to carry pollen between flowers with her wings, helping the flowers germinate and grow.
3: Batpony/Female
4: Lutecia is a friendly batpony who lives in Manehattan and owns a Nightclub in the same place.
She likes keeping the music going at her nightclub and whenever she isn’t at her nightclub she likes to explore around.
Despite her friendly personality, it gets a whole turnaround if anyone disrupts the fun at her nightclub.
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