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[starfighter](/tags/starfighter) + [starship](/tags/starship) + [space ship](/tags/space+ship) + [spacecraft](/tags/spacecraft) merge into [spaceship](/tags/spaceship)

[ufo](/tags/ufo) and [space shuttle](/tags/space+shuttle) should imply [spaceship](/tags/spaceship)

[enterprise](/tags/enterprise) requires defining as not the [uss enterprise](/tags/uss+enterprise)

[ncc-1701](/tags/ncc-dash-1701) could be merged into [uss enterprise](/tags/uss+enterprise) (see below)

"starfighter" appears to be a Star Wars umbrella term, but I don't see the point in defining Star Wars ships separately when [star wars](/tags/star+wars) + [spaceship](/tags/spaceship) would have the same result. The same is true for "starship", Star Trek's variation of the word, when [star trek](/tags/star+trek) + [spaceship](/tags/spaceship) will give the desired result.

"space ship" and "spacecraft" are variations of "spaceship" and merely dilute the tag.

"ufo" and "space shutting" are also a spaceships, but imply a specific and iconic design (like the [x-wing](/tags/x-dash-wing) tag).

"enterprise" is being incorrectly used for the starship, when "uss enterprise" already exists, and the series is tagged [star trek: enterprise](tags/star+trek-colon-+enterprise). It should be reserved for non-Star Trek uses, such as [the boat](/images/2162496) and the [space shuttle](/images/651805), and should be described as such to avoid further misuse. However, as other Star Trek ships with the Enterprise name exist (ISS, NX), renaming "uss enterprise" to "enterprise (star trek)" is a possibility, but I don't think the tags are large enough to warrant that attention.

I am going to personally fix the "enterprise" tag now (38 images), erase "[ncc-1701"](/tags/ncc-dash-1701) (4; same as "uss enterprise") and [starshipmare](/tags/starshipmare) ([starship ponies](/tags/spaceship+ponies) and [mare](/tags/mare) already exist).

This took me so long to write out...
Reason: Removed something I've done myself
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