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"mare oc" should imply "mare", "male", "female oc", "oc"

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Now this tag feels like a pretty redundant one to have, it’s not even used much. Same for the gender oc tag too, but at least that one is, slightly more general. I feel these are going to lead to bloat.
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Make the decision then, not on whether it’s commonly used cuz anything could be commonly used if ppl worked hard enough, but whether it’s bloat. I’ll gladly follow whatever the decision ends up being. Until then …
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Feels like these should have been one thread. Also, there are many many “(thing) oc” tags, so there may need to be a more general discussion on what is useful and what isn’t.
One thing I’ve never been clear on: should these tags be used to identify the usual properties of the OC or the state of the OC in the picture? While I know that the site’s overarching policy is to tag what’s in the image, these tags could be interpreted as slightly more meta: for example, if an OC is typically an alicorn, but happens to be race-swapped in a picture to an earth pony, wouldn’t someone who dislikes alicorn OCs and filters that tag still want their filter to eliminate that OC when temporarily depicted in other forms? (Same rationale for “mare oc” when it’s “rule 34”, etc.)
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