Mane 6/7/+should imply Group


I know they sometimes get tagged on no pony/text only images and related, but it's pretty minor and the few they get tagged on is greatly outweighed by the number of posts they do apply to (and are easy enough to remove). So It's a big +1 from me.
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Perhaps this is negligible, but I'd like to raise concern for how often the mane six show up in the backgrounds of images as pictures on the wall, stained glass windows, or just as cutie marks, none of which I feel should be tagged with group.

I'd also like to raise some personal concern of giving any recognition to Mane Eight as a tag. I've been putting off raising this discussion, but I seem to remember that it and Mane Nine getting nuked by staff a few years ago before slowly clawing their way back and I don't like the lack of consistency with it and Mane Seven.
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