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Thank you.

And, for what it's worth, this happens a lot. As was mentioned in that thread this kind of stuff is fairly common. Background ponies getting names is not unusual, but as soon as think we know who a pony is, they move in the scene - either because of an edit or something that was done by the director, or just because of "balancing the scene" - or Hasbro changes the name because of trademark or salesmark restrictions. Or the pony's design just gets used in a random set of pony toys and as a result of customer research and entirely different name is assigned to it.

I asked M.A. Larson about Lyra once, and whether the staff kept setting her on benches intentionally, or if it was some weird quirk of her rig. And he said that she was just "Background Pony 17". That she ended up appearing more than once in the whole run was just a roll of the dice, and her ending up with any personality at all was something that grew organically in the fandom. He wasn't aware she was even "the bench sitting pony" until he started getting notes on episode 100.

And, even things like the Alicorn Amulet had one solid name through the script and development (the "Unicharm") but once it gets through branding and approvals it can end up being something entirely different.

And at the level of Hasbro's consciousness, until something is a toy in production, it's just another digital asset that they use and reuse whenever its convenient.

Figuring out the right names for these background ponies is worth doing. I mean - this whole site is devoted to naming things in uniform ways. But if there's no trademark on the name, and it's just one of two background ponies in a single episode, it's often just a placeholder.

Sometimes, we end up with DJ Pon3/Vinyl Scratch, and Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops.

So, sometimes magic does happen. And "Both" is the right answer.
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