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General topic for character tag categorization

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Fair enough, though I’m not too sure there are that many characters with those kinds of unnecessary double tags outside of Count Caesar, Bulk Biceps, Curly Winds, and maybe a few others (outside of cases like Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops where both names are canon, or cases like Watermelody and Drama Letter where both names are commonly used honestly most people use Watermelody nowadays so maybe she isn’t the best example but I can’t think of others right now)
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stella lashes and pretty vision imply stella and elise, respectively, but the latter two tags aren’t blue. (There are other characters named Stella, like the one from Angry Birds, but we can just use tags differentiating them.)
(They could also be merged, due to the aforementioned double name tags issue.)
(There’s also the tag elsie which is blue and implies pretty vision, so “elise” could just be a simple clerical error.)
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Obviously Rufus is a pony from G5. I assume he’s implied by Hoofdini since that’s his stage name and whoever set up the implication didn’t notice it’s already a G4 pony’s name. The implication probably should be removed or replaced by a new Hoofdini (G5) tag if we want/need that.

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You know, this is actually something I’ve wondered about for some time. What if there were a new category of tag for official or unofficial character variations? Flutterbat, Evil Pie Hating Rainbow Dash, and even the Midnight Sparkle example you gave. They’re not all fully characters, yet they sort of are, and they can have a significant presence.
Couldn’t there be a different character tag category for them? There’s others out there too, like maybe the Rule 63 named versions of characters, like Elusive for Rarity. They’re quasi-characters, things that seem a little more significant than being just just regular tags.

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That sounds like a really good idea!
Though now that I’m thinking about this subject; what is the deal with characters like Nightmare Moon? What is the difference between Nightmare Moon and Midnight Sparkle tag wise? Both act very differently from their originals and both Luna and Sci-Twi show signs that their respective “evil versions” are inherently different personalities. If such a tag category was created, would Midnight gain a blue tag or Nightmare fall to the new tag?
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