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General topic for character tag categorization

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First, probably because pony Sia's bodyguards from The Movie are clearly modeled after Vincent and Jules:

That said, we do have the Vinny and Whinnyfield tags for those canon ponies specifically. So it probably would be better to de-color the Jules and Vincent tags and only tag them on pictures specifically of the Pulp Fiction incarnations of the characters. Like how we already distinguish between Cheese Sandwich vs. Weird Al Yankovic, or March Gustysnows vs. Marge Gunderson.

Second, neither of your links work. They should be Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield.
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I removed the character category for the longer names using the precedent in redpanic's post, and linked the official character tags in the descriptions to help clarify.

Agreed with merging them. I'll poke the mods real quick and see about getting that aliased, most likely to Squabble based on the information here.

Edit: Aliased to Squabble and moved everything over.

@Background Pony #00D4
Already done, so it's all good.

@Pulse Wave
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