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The tag merpony came before FiM had any seaponies of any kind. The seapony (g4) tag applies to both the hippogriff seaponies from the movie and series, the shapeshifted land ponies also from the movie and series, and also original characters in either style, either intended to be naturally hippogriff, land pony, or seapony.
Merpony is a different more general tag. It can apply if people wanna tag it, but it was more designed for just the general shape and again predates FiM seaponies.
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The character Athena from the recent Shawn Keller videos (1 and 2) has been quite popular lately. For some reason, someone started tagging images featuring this character with “athena lanty zupondonia”, which is not a name mentioned anywhere in the videos, it’s just Athena (cf. video 2 above). Since I wasn’t able to find any reason to add the “lanty zupondonia” part to her name, I started removing that tag and adding just oc:athena. However, at one point staff member Crow starting reverting those changes to the longer name, so I stopped to not step on the staff’s toes. Since I can’t send a message without account and haven’t received a staff response to my comments asking for reasons for the longer name (see >>2617125), I’m now posting here.  
Since there is no basis for the additional names in the originating work, I’d like to ask for these changes to be reverted and the short name instated. If the reason is to avoid confusion with other OCs called Athena, I think another option should be found that doesn’t simply make up parts of the name not used by the character’s creator, like oc:athena (pondonia) or such.
Background Pony #1B6D
Yeah, there’s also one YouTube comment by some rando with 2 likes or so and someone used it for a fimfic. Judging by the tag histories, someone wanted to force his idea (the user who started tagging it has the same username as the one commenting on YouTube) and then others thought it was correct and ran with it.
Background Pony #B9A0
And in the comments below, the artist outright says it’s a fandom name he got from Derpibooru.
A discussion on one of the images here mentions the extra parts of the name apparently come from “a comment on YouTube”, for whatever that’s worth. Honestly, considering that the creator of the character made a video in which he specifically refers to her as Athena, with nothing else added, that should be the tag. Or like Background Pony #1B6D said, maybe oc:athena (pondonia).
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What is / Is there a GENERAL tag for the “penis” equivalent of double penetration ?  
As in: Someone has their dick inside someone/something and also has someone/something in their ass?  
There is bisexual sandwich but as the name suggests that’s just for bisexual situations, doesn’t work with futas, or does it?
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I’m starting to feel confused. Why does site staff (the only people who can write/modify descriptions) keep writing the descriptions with direct usage of parenthesis in links instead of the character codes for parenthesis? Every single time it happens it causes the link to go to an invalid url because for some reason, they go with “/tags/link+\(additional\)” instead of “/tags/link+\%2528additional\%2529”.
I’ve noticed the same issue when looking at the link from “seapony” to “seapony (g4)” (which no one fixed yet).
Background Pony #52BA
In >>2602074 (suggestive) and >>2602075 (questionable alt vers):  
It seems to me that they should either not be tagged “inanimate tf” (if that’s just a decorated ordinary roomba) or not be tagged “solo”. The “inanimate tf” tag was added by a user, not the uploader or artist, and I don’t see any cues indicating that’s what was illustrated… Opinions?
Background Pony #52BA
Is jackpot some kind of established bondage/abduction fetish term? Because it sure seems to be used as one, even as initial tags (ie. not added later) by a variety of different people…
Background Pony #F935
Is there any difference bewteen "Cuddling" and "Snuggling"? Both seem to be placed on the same image a lot.
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@Princess Luna  
Hello Princess Luna i have a question. Could you pertty please make these tags principal celestia, vice principal luna, dean cadance & alumnus shining armor have their tags changed from green into blue like the tag sci-twi is. It would be more easy to navigate the booru that way, best wishes this Background Pony & thank you for your time.
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