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IMHO they are not worthless. Pictures tagged with “cute” (and variants) are more likely to be cute than a random picture from Derpibooru. Same with “funny”. So, while I might not find all of them cute or funny, they are still useful for finding cute or funny pictures.
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I found Manebooru in the meantime. They have category tags like species:X, character:Y and ship:Z. So there’s species:eqg human versus species:human.
I figure they could afford to do that because they restarted from scratch. Already had their system sorted out before having over a million uploads on their site.
@Algebroot Neogears  
I noticed the cute implications too, but the aliases adorable as fuck and cute as fuck felt like the same ‘next-level cute’ as the others. So I’m not sure.
@☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬  
What are the different levels? I can’t tell any of them apart. hnnng used to mean getting a heart attack over cuteness, but like Background Pony #0299 said, that’s not the case anymore.
Not sure about the ‘next-level cute’ tags, but I don’t think cute is worthless. At least not when combined with character tags, like dashabetes, because people do look for pictures of them ‘looking cute.’ Even if it’s mis- or over-tagged.
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Cute < D’awwww < Weapons-grade Cute
"cute": well, I wish it was held to a higher standard than “screencap of a popular character, smiling” but the hive mind has spoken. and besides, sometimes the crop is just right.  
why wub woo is solidly cute.
I’d sneak the various *character*betes/adora*character* etc. tags in here a level between "cute" and "daaaaaaaaaaaw"
~~digital audio audio audio audio audio audio audio audio audio audio audio workstation~~  
"daaaaaaaaaaaw": looking at the picture, your mental function is compromised and you compulsively put your head in your hands and utter aloud, “d’awwww!” or at least the realistic equivalent, similar to “lmao” meaning you felt some inward mirth and maybe exhaled. You probably save this picture, to cheer you up when you’re having a bad day.  
.dawwww needs to be aliased into it.
"Weapons-grade cute": health-hazardous, involuntary responses are expected reactions to looking at these pictures, inducing heart attacks from either the flood of overwhelming emotions and associated hormone signalers, or possibly, the depicted-sweetness-made-manifest in the viewer’s body, thereby giving them instant diabetes type 2. sverre93 probably guest-lectured in the artists’ classes. Or, more realistically, you actually do utter “d’awwww” out loud, like in the previous level’s then-exaggerated description.
Bonus level: * is trying to murder us. When an artist (or occasionally Hasbro/IDW/DHX) has a respected lineage of pictures of at least daaaaaaaaaaaw-level and aspiring for "weapons-grade cute" whether fully achieved or not…they’re in that zone.
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@Background Pony #EDC1  
Unless there’s some kind of Hasbro licensing I’m not aware of, yes.
The pre-existing filters/watchlists are the main problem with specifically “Equestria Girls”. Since it’s mainly used to filter the species/style, that’s probably the thing to alias it to, but it’s going to be a mess in some way or another.
@Background Pony #ED18  
I can see a point to the barebones ones, but having different levels that are all subjective gets pretty silly.
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@☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬  
Oh, right, cuteness overload. Er, I don’t really get what’s distinct about that one… Maybe just a more intuitive name for “daaaaaaaaaaaw”?
Found a few outliers:  
too cute (40) and event horizon of cuteness (22) each look like (nearly) only one user use them  
cute as fuck fam (2) which one user just won’t let go and readds after it’s removed  
cute fuel (2) which one user keeps using despite it being removed in their wake  
cuteness (0) and so cute (0) which are only (0) because people are on top of changing it to “cute”  
death by cuteness (7), death by cute (4), dying of cute (3) would be the same as “hnng” except, like “hnng”, it’s not getting used for images showing that happen.  
dangerously cute (8), nuclear cuteness (6), so cute it kills you (6)
Since it’s been implemented that tags only get autocomplete-suggested if present on >3 images, these probably don’t need action:  
weaponized cute (2), terminally cute (2), cute enough to kill (1), so cute people will die (1), deadly cute (1), deadly cuteness (0), diabetes induced cuteness (0), so cute it can kill (0)
very cute (2), cute art style (1), hecking cute (1), hopelessly cute (1), incredibly cute (1), pretty cute (1), stupid cute (1), apocalyptic cuteness (1) (if this is somehow relevant due to being Fallout Equestria-related, disregard), too cute for words (0), sickeningly cute (0), so cute! (0), so stinking cute (0)
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“trixie’s rocket” should not imply “trixie” and “starlight glimmer”, especially since there may be images where either character’s not present.
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@Background Pony #EDC1  
I don’t think so. Fluffy pony is a fan-made sub-species, not a description. We have plenty of precedent for regular ponies just being extremely fluffy without being fluffy ponies. For now, it’s been tagged with excessive fluff for something more specific to that amount of fluff.
Background Pony #52BA
But “trixie’s rocket” is a particular toy, right? I’m not even sure this  
is supposed to have that tag…
If that one shouldn’t count, then I see 5 images of “trixie’s rocket” that don’t have both Starlight and Trixie. So…I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A topic for the shipping tags thread probably?
ZONESS is correct
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sea pony uses paranthesis for its link to seapony (g4), causing it to instead link to an invalid page.
Also, if I am thinking about things correctly; I think seapony (g4) fits the description for the merpony tag:
Aquatic dwelling ponies with at least two limbs, sometimes fish tails, fins, or all four legs. See Sea Pony for aquatic ponies which resemble seahorses.
The issue with that link is still there. And I still need help being clarified what makes a G4 seapony not count as a merpony. Because G4 seaponies live underwater, have two limbs, a fish tail, and fins (and there are some images featuring a solo character that have both tags applied).
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@Algebroot Neogears  
Looking at the quotation marks in sea pony’s detailed description…
Refer to merpony for aquatic ponies with legs and/or fish tails, and seapony (g4) for G4’s merpony-like “seaponies”
…I think the tag’s meant specifically for the species that happens when you hit a hippogriff or pony with the magic pearl. Whatever the original species was. Something specific to G4’s canon universe, like Equestria Girls’ humans are.
Not sure seaponies exist naturally in G4 as opposed to the transformed ones. Maybe that’s another nuance.
Assumption here, but maybe they’re also separate/not implied to allow filtering? So that you can browse seapony (g4),NOT merpony if you only want G4’s seaponies? Again, like Equestria Girls’ humans.
Don’t mean to bring them in discussion again, I just can’t think of any other comparison.
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