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@Midday Shine
Partly disagree, "looking sideways" does not necessarily mean looking to left or right. If a character is facing to screen left, they can be both "looking sideways" and "looking at you".

How about we add description to "looking sideways": character looks at a direction other than where they're facing.
Midday Shine

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How about we add description to "looking sideways": character looks at a direction other than where they're facing.

Fair enough. Still, I believe the others should be merged.
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Dear mods & admins of Derpibooru i have a question. Could you pertty please make these tags principal celestia, vice principal luna, dean cadance & alumnus shining armor have their tags changed from green into blue like the tag sci-twi is. It would be more easy to navigate the booru that way, best wishes this Background Pony & thank you for your time.
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What exactly is the difference between "equestria girls, human coloration" and "humanized"?
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@Background Pony #7C7A
Not sure on these minor distinctions, but since "plotshot" is already aliased into "butt only", I think "butt shot" could meet the same fate.

Do note "need to poop" also exists; "potty time" is just an umbrella that doesn't care which of the two types of bodily waste it is that you need a toilet for.

Aliased for now, might need to do further cleanup and aggregation.

@Pulse Wave
There's some complications with these, and not just the meme phrases; we ideally should split text and visual censoring better I think.

@Algebroot Neogears
I think "mecha pony" is a very specific kind. We'll find out more when the Pony Life episode airs. If it turns out they're very generic, then it'll just be aliased, but otherwise, an implication is probably best.

@Background Pony #52BA
With "x-ray", you're seeing what's inside something, from the outside, while "internal" is just inside a body. There's a lot of overlap, but neither encompasses the other.

The old episodes don't, but the new ones do.

They seem pretty distinct in semantics. Might be people choosing the wrong tag suggestion when they don't know, so a name change on the latter could help.

@Background Pony #84F6
Proportions, mostly. Really, I think we will be changing this sometime soonish, but it'll be tricky.
Background Pony #52BA
Pony Life s2 episode names and s02eXX tags need spoiler:pony life season 2 implication
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From the tag description for dock : "The visible underside of a pony's tail where hair does not grow. Usually seen in rear views or with raised tails."

"Get" tags in general are meta tags, referencing the picture number on Derpibooru, rather than anything in the picture itself. So "palindrome get" applies to images where the number is a palindrome.
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