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@Panko Pai
Sideways is for characters that are, well, sideways.

Also sometimes for images that (deliberately or not) are sideways. (Edit: I just remembered there's sideways image, which probably would be more applicable here. That does not imply sideways, though.)

Since fucked sideways includes at least one sideways character, it implies sideways. The problem is that no one ever thinks about tagging sideways on other images, so these implications are basically the only source of the tag.
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@Background Pony #91Z0
I believe the tag you're looking for is airhead

If you're curious how I found it: I started by searching things that describe what I'm looking for first. So in this case, I started with pinkie pie,inflated,screencap and picked out an image there that I expect to have the tag I want, and inspected its tags to see if it has anything to describe pinkie as a balloon.

From this one then I found both the tags "inflated head" and "airhead", the latter of which is almost all pictures based on that trick Pinkie did to turn herself into a balloon and fly.

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