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Tag the genders
Why does the tag Self Ponidox have the short description of
Two or more versions of the same character are present in the scene (at least one being anthro or pony)
and also the detailed description of
For example, male and female versions, or human and pony versions
given that it is automatically implied by the tags "celestibreaker,""selfcest," and "dashblitz"? It needing to include at least one anthro or pony is defeated by how the tags which imply it, like selfcest, dashblitz, etc. can also apply to eqg/humanized versions of the character, which don't necessarily include a pony or anthro version. Also, some "self ponidox" images include two or more of the same character with no changes (like differing genders or one being anthro and another pony).
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If a comic has alternate versions of some of the pages, do I still tag it as the comic itself (eg. Comic:X), or some other comic name (eg. Comic:X alts)? For a concrete example, this comic. There's 71 more alternate versions (textless, body writing-less, pierce-less). I haven't uploaded them yet; would they still use the same comic tag?
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Without checking the tags and their uses, IMO "anthro oc" sounds like a bodytype tag and "furry oc" sounds like an origin tag. I'd expect a "furry oc" to both have the anthro bodyplan and to originate from the furry fandom instead of the MLP fandom.

Personally I'm fine with seeing anthro versions of MLP ocs, and ponified versions of any ocs, but would prefer to filter out anthro versions of furry-originating ocs.

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Thanks. I find it funny that you had to do the same thing that one of us would have had to do, and add an extra space. I guess I was expecting you to be able to do it without the extra space, but I suppose that would require editing the HTML of the page.
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