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Philomena Contributor
Word Bug
Bodyparts are an odd one.

Generally, you tag for unusual or "not normal" situations. Examples being a pony species swapped into a tortoise, but still keeping their horn. You'd tag horn, because a tortoise doesn't usually have one.

Tempest always has a broken horn. There are few exceptions when she has it intact (when she was a foal), but unless you swap her species, she generally has it.

That said, staff have said in the past that it doesn't hurt to overtag bodyparts, but that it isn't required (since most people assume that searching Tempest would result in a mare with a broken horn).

Manfred Von Richtofen
I have a question.

Exactly what purpose do the "impossibly large _" Tags serve?

Given the fact that, technically speaking, most images under these tags are not necessarily impossibly large, they are just hard/rare to come by, the tag(s) feel kinda unnecessary.

Especially given the fact that there are already "Huge
__" Tags, which would be better fitting.

I'm merely bringing this up because, quite frankly, I feel that nothing is truly impossible. Especially in this day and age.

Note that this is mainly just a question, not necessarily a suggestion so please do not get upset at me for asking, please.
Background Pony #0719
The tag name hyperbolic in their use and shouldn't be applied literally. They're mostly there as a form of mile marker for various body parts that are frequently exaggerated in the pornography posted here.

I assure you this topic has been discussed to death at multiple points in this site's history by now.
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