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Speaking of Princess Erroria, I've looked through tag changes and recent uploads, and it looks like someone's been misapplying that tag to pictures of Alula without her accidental alicorn status.
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That reminds me… Links in the description of bow are broken, the parentheses aren't encoded properly.

It would be nice if there was an "insert tag" button, so people wouldn't have to format links manually as this leads to exactly this kind of error. I think I'll make a post in the feature request thread.
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The following tags should have their descriptions nuked where applicable:
oc:data breach
oc:myth leading
oc:samosa stripes
oc:short fuse
oc:tiny terror
oc:triple sevens
All owners have left the site, with all but two refusing to be associated with a site that allows images of oc:aryanne, so the descriptions are no longer relevant, and it's highly unlikely that images of the applicable OCs will ever be uploaded here again.
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