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Moreover, even if not from the show, if it's pretty much the same thing, it's Safe. Pinkie being crazy isn't Semi-grimdark. Do note however we used to put insanity into Semi-grimdark rather willy-nilly.

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In general, "abuse" is for rather intense stuff, and so shouldn't be tagged on things you could actually put in the show, let alone outright scene interpretations (though Chrysalis pulling on his wings to use him as leverage is iffy.)

I think so.
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There's hooves on cheeks and hooves on face but there's also hooves on butt which is confusing with the hooves on cheeks but thinking about it cheeks and butt are the same meaning.
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I wouldn't consider the issue clear-cut enough outside of screencaps from the show to say, "if ponies: tag Hearth's Warming", "if human: tag Christmas".

Consider this image:

Ponies, but they're mostly making a lot of references to Christmas, singing a Christmas carol and wearing a Santa hat, one of the few Christmas things that didn't get a Hearth's Warming version. Perhaps you could tag it Hearth's Warming in addition, but it seems like plenty of artists are just fine using ponies for a purely Christmas image.
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As similar as the two celebrations are, they're not identical, and their identities are not dependent on who or what is celebrating/observing/reacting to them.
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@Algebroot Neogears
I'm pretty sure she's a character from Code Lyoko who's been ponified to a g4 pony and the person who's been uploading all of those pictures just doesn't understand what they're doing wrong. Either that or they've incorrectly reasoned that since they've also made g1 ponifications of that character they have to tag her g4 ponifications as g1 to g4.
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