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Just Another Pink Pony
Oh, I see. If adding, for example, `chains (payday)`, should `chains` be removed? Also, what happens if the character spans multiple franchises? For example, I'm shocked that Jacket (Hotline Miami) hasn't got his own tag, but he also appears in Payday 2. I assume you tag the character's origin for crossovers, regardless of what they're known from or what they're being shown in (a la Smash Bros.). The same applies to game versus series, I suppose, so `sydney (payday 2)` should be changed to `sydney (payday)`? And all Megatrons should be (Transformers) regardless of the series-unique versions?

I think I'm getting it. I'll message you if I need any future clarification.


Is it alright to tag "transgender pride flag" [on an image without a flag](/images/2868494), but featuring the flag colours (on socks)? There isn't a "transgender colours" or similar tag.
Reason: added question
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