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The recent discussion concluded that we are supposed to tag things that are "obvious" for a given character (except for gender as that might change due to r63 and such). Does this mean that "[Hitch Trailblazer":](/tags/hitch+trailblazer) should imply "[blaze (coat marking)":](/tags/blaze+%2528coat+marking%2529) , "[socks (coat marking)":](/tags/socks+%2528coat+marking%2529) , "[pale belly":](/tags/pale+belly) , "[orange coat":](/tags/orange+coat) and "[teal mane":](/tags/teal+mane) ?


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On the contrary. Be bold. If there is no existing tag for something, you are expected to create one yourself. I've created a few myself, one of which has over 2000 images now.
EDIT: is [mlem](/tags/mlem) only for the onomatopoeia/sound of mleming or for mleming in general? Because I see it being used like a generic [tongue out](/tags/tongue+out) .
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