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I took a look at your implication requests before I saw this post, and I thought about the distinction between "awkward smile" and "nervous grin" as well. I also found a fourth, pretty similar tag that I may as well include: "fake smile":/tags/fake+smile. There's a lot of overlap between all of them, but I think each can be distinctly defined. I wrote out descriptions for each that I may add to the tags if you think they're reasonable:

Awkward smile: A character smiling in an unnatural way.
Nervous grin: A character's nervousness showing through the way they smile.
Forced smile: A character is being coerced to smile through physical or non-physical means.
Fake smile: A character smiling unauthentically.

There are definitely images where multiple could apply. The tags are definitely messy though. [/bq]

Oh shet


Hey, just wanting to ask if I should add the tags SS-Sturmmann (Fluttershy's rank), Schutzstaffel , Stielhandgranate, Stahlhelm and Waffen-SS on the following image (I'm not sure still how that nazi stuff it's going on so preferably ask)


Also, this one for some reason has Hostage and Stalingrad tag, but I doubt of the two (The gun barrel next to Twilights head it's a tank barrel, in the background, most likely Panzer 4 Ausf G/H (Tank trails on the ground). No regular rifle in service had muzzle brake other than Antitank rifles. And the background could be anywhere on the whole Eastern Front (Leningrad, Moscow, etc) or even post 1942 on the Western Front (Perhaps before the Battle of the Bulge), so, I'm going to delete them and add Wehrmacht, Stielhandgranate ans other stuff


EDIT: I swear that right now I just saw your name... "Litrojia", your character Lit and the fire thingy. Please No ban
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