'flight trail' should be aliased to 'contrail'

when she felt her wings unfold
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Hmm. “flight trail” might actually be better than “contrail”. Can we flip this suggestion instead?
  • Condensation trails are water/ice plus impurities from any exhaust particles present.
  • Pony flight trails, especially wonderbolt-originated ones, tend to add rather more in the mix. Lightning zags, thunderclouds, or Dashie’s trademark rainbow.
  • So whatever high-end pegasi are supposed to be doing up there, it’s more special-effecty than just boring old condensation. Although sometimes artists will do a wingtip contrail for fun/cool factor. If there’s to be an umbrella tag, it needs to be the more vague term not the more specific one.
    So maybe instead:
    contrail –(implies)-> flight trail  
    rainbow trail –(implies)-> flight trail
    No aliases. All implications.
    (Not to be confused with the adorable vapor trail)
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@when she felt her wings unfold  
I had this big paragraph ready to go, but then I realized that that kind of makes sense. :P  
Though if if does end up going that way, most of the images under ‘contrail’ will have to be moved to ‘flight trail’, and the contrail tag will have to be filled up by the likes of some of the images under this search, where the contrails are non-pony versions(Of course, that was only one simple search, there would probably be a bunch more that would need that tagging).
To play devil’s advocate though, while flight trails made by ponies are certainly common in images(if under-tagged) and makes sense for a pony site, is a tag for plane contrails important enough that we need a different standalone tag for it rather than just having the current ‘contrails’ aliased into ‘flight trails’ so they’re all under one blanket tag?
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