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Agreed there - on a related topic, the episode tag for ep 36 of TYT should probably be changed to “Taking Flight” since that’s what’s used in the episode itself, and then “Take Flight in the Marestream” should be aliased to it, to maintain consistency.

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How come spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale hasn’t been added to the list of default spoiler tags? This should’ve been done months ago.
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A bunch of images were uploaded today that appear to be from the same source. I created the my little pony 2022 | core brand asset toolkit tag to group them, taken directly out of in-image text from them.
I suggest adding “official”, “g5”, “behind the scenes”, and “part of a set” implications to this tag and maybe also giving it a few shorter aliases like “2022 core brand asset toolkit” or “mlp 2022 core brand asset toolkit”.
Also suggest coloring it as a “collection”-type tag (or the equivalent for official content, the yellow color official-stuff tags get may be more suitable).
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