Do Equestria Girls-ified musicians in drag class as OCs?

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Trixie is innocent.
This fanart I created is an Equestria girls-ified version of Roger Taylor (from the I Want To Break Free music video)

Here's how she looks IRL;

She is commonly referred to by the Queen fandom as "Rogerina" (even though I watched a video that states that Queen's famous lead singer Freddie Mercury had given her the named "Liz Taylor") But a user as removed the "queen (band)" tag and replaced the "rogerina" tag with "oc:rogerina". I'm not sure, but she's not my OC, she/he is an equestria girl-ified Roger Taylor, who in drag, is referred to by fans as "Rogerina".

I'm wanting to ask before I change any of the tags, just to be sure. <3
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