Definitions and/or aliasing regarding several "eye" tags

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eye shimmer: in my eyes* this is nearly exclusively valid only for animated images. It is not just for extra eye shine, nor for teary eyes (though it may coexist with those). On still images, I think this could be represented by catchlights or irises/pupils drawn with a wavy outline.
*pun absolutely intended

starry eyes, eye sparkles, sparkly eyes, sparkle eyes, sparkling eyes: a lot of overlap. The last 4 should be aliased to one of them, IMO — probably sparkly eyes for consistency. "Starry eyes" might be distinguished by a pentagram highlight, hexagram highlight, or total replacement of the pupil with a multipointed shape. "Sparkles" are often drawn with 4 points, or several radial lines, and usually there are at least a few instances present.

eye shine, shiny eyes, shining eyes: for eyes with an above-average size, intensity, or quantity of catchlights. Alias to one of them.

eye mist, eye smoke: an effect where a vapor seems to be (or really is, I suppose) emitted from the eyes, present in but not exclusive to sombra eyes. Alias to one of them.

flaming eyes, fire eyes, fiery eyes: I might make a distinction where "fiery eyes" is for a wingding eyes style effect where fire is drawn wholly contained on the eye, in place of the pupil or iris, indicating anger or emotional intensity, whereas "flaming eyes" or "fire eyes" (alias to one) is for actual fire instead of eyeballs and/or coming out of eye sockets. If that seems too nuanced, alias all 3 to something.

Honorable mention: eye glow, which I would have thought would be used as a synonym for glowing eyes, but only some are — it seems like a mish-mash of any of the above, or for a specific effect one particular SFM artist uses where there's a bright gradient effect in the irises.
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