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"cutie mark" objects, aliasing and implications

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Started by Background Pony #0AC1
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Background Pony #0AC1
cutie mark clothes alias→ cutie mark on clothes

cutie mark underwear, cutie mark swimsuit imply→ cutie mark on clothes
cutie mark underwear inherit implications→ cutie mark, underwear, clothes

cutie mark dress is overwhelmingly used to describe the thing from the Cupcakes fanfiction and should not imply "cutie mark on clothes", but has been tagged a few times on normal dresses, and needs cleanup.

cutie mark in eye alias→ cutie mark eyes

cutie mark collar, cutie mark pendant imply→ cutie mark accessory (pendant could be on a choker, collar, or necklace, so it doesn't get any other implications)
cutie mark necklace imply→ cutie mark accessory, necklace, jewelry
cutie mark hair accessory imply→ cutie mark accessory, hair accessory
cutie mark earrings imply→ cutie mark accessory, is missing inherited implications jewelry, piercing, ear piercing
cutie mark pasties imply→ cutie mark accessory, pasties
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