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So I've seen a new convention: prefix showing up and being used for a number of cons already.

Shall we keep it? Because if yes, I'd suggest to use it on all conventions and standardise the con tags like so:
- General con names: "convention:<con name>" where <con name> isn't abbreviated unless the abbreviation is the official name (like B.U.C.K.. Of course there should be only one tag for each con.
- Specific con by year: "convention:<con name> <year>" with a blank space where <con name> is the official name as used in "convention:<con name>". It should always imply "convention:<con name>" and the year.
- When a con name is often abbreviated (again, the abbreviation is not the official name, i.e. EQLA, EFNW), "convention:<abbreviation>" should be an alias for "convention:<con name>".
- All existing variants of "<con name>" should be aliased to the single "convention:<con name>".

We could use this thread to collect conventions to be retagged.

For starters, BronyCon (which probably has the most tags of all):
- bronycon, change & alias to convention:bronycon
- bronycon 2011, this requires some investigation which of the three 2011 BronyCons the pics are from/refer to (convention:bronycon winter 2011, convention:bronycon spring 2011, convention:bronycon summer 2011)
- bronycon 2012, dito, but with only two cons (convention:bronycon winter 2012, convention:bronycon summer 2012)
- bronycon 2013, change & alias to convention:bronycon 2013 which should imply bronycon and 2013
- bronycon 2014, change & alias to convention:bronycon 2014 which should imply bronycon and 2014
- bronycon 2015, change & alias to convention:bronycon 2015 which should imply bronycon and 2015
- bronycon2015, change to convention:bronycon 2015
- bronycon 2016, change & alias to convention:bronycon 2016 which should imply bronycon and 2016
- bronycon2016, change to convention:bronycon 2016
- bronycon 5, either change & alias to convention:bronycon 5 which should imply bronycon 2016 (if this tag is justified and correct) or change to convention:bronycon 2016 (if it isn't)
- bronycon5, see above, but no alias
- bronycon 2017, change & alias to convention:bronycon 2017 which should imply bronycon and 2017
- bronycon2017, change to convention:bronycon 2017
- bronycon 2018, change & alias to convention:bronycon 2018 which should imply bronycon and 2018
- bronycon2018, change to convention:bronycon 2018
- bronycon 2019, change & alias to convention:bronycon 2019 which should imply bronycon and 2019

Associated with BronyCon:
bronycon fire should either be an alias for burnycon (that's what many bronies still call the incident, so I'd like this tag to stay), or they should imply each other. Both should imply convention:bronycon summer 2012.
bronycon documentary, save bronycon and bronycon drama should imply convention:bronycon.

Another thing: Convention mascots should imply the corresponding conventions and mascot.

In BronyCon's case:
oc:blank canvas, oc:hoof beatz and oc:mane event should imply bronycon mascots (this seems BronyCon exclusive now, by the way), and they all should imply convention:bronycon and mascot.
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Normally we do this for things that may overlap with normal words, like spoilers (which fulfill a different purpose than the thing they refer to) and comics & characters (which often have common phrase names).
Convention names however are generally unique, so I don't see what benefit this would provide.
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