Change oc:athena lanty zupondonia to oc:athena (shawn keller)

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Yes, it would be very helpful if we could get a response from the staff and/or moderators of the site as to why the character has been tagged, officially, as “Athena Lanty Zupondonia”. As kleptomage pointed out, the guy who created her only ever called her Athena, the artist from Deviantart who seems to have popularized the longer version specifically says in the comment section of the picture he made for her that it is a fan name from Derpibooru before adding, “Athena is only her name”. There is really no mystery or ambiguity here over what the character should actually be called here.
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Thanks. From the way it looks, someone posted the name as a YouTube comment under the second video (the one where Athena was revealed as her name) and then proceeded (username and profile picture being equal I assume it was the same person) to tag multiple pictures here with that name, not in the oc namespace (some people presumably also used that tag when uploading). Someone else, probably innocuously assuming that that name was correct, later went through the images’ tags to make the oc tag have the longer name. After finally having assured myself that Keller used just Athena and finding no good reason for the longer name, I started posting comments about it and changing the tags back to just oc:athena, but at some point during that staff member Crow changed all tags back to the longer name for some reason, so I stopped to not risk a ban. Since I don’t have an account I can’t send a message and my comment wasn’t likely to be seen, so I took it to the forums and other people also started noticing, ultimately resulting in this thread.
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